Moss Gardening Guide on CD

Here it is all your questions answered on growing and care of your Moss Garden!!!

I have written a guide on the care of Moss and Lichens, from what I have learned over the past several years.

Here are some examples of what you will read in the guide:

How moss and lichens grow

The first way of getting a moss garden to grow

The best way to get started




Best time to fertilize


Container Moss Gardens

The Terrarium Moss Garden

{{{3}}} Moss Recipes

Moss Gardening Links

Companion plants list

Makeing a Moss and Lichen Wreath

Plus over 30 Pictures

Your step by step guide to Moss Gardening on CD

$8.99 plus $3.00 S&H Total $11.99

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Or any questions you might have.

Welcome to Sleepyhollow Farm

Welcome to Sleepyhollow Farm
The wonderfull world of moss and lichens
Different Varieties of moss and lichens
This is some of the moss with my helper
Some More varieties
More varieties
More Moss and lichens
Different varieties
And some more!!
Moss and Lichens
I tryed to get some close-ups! :-)
Growing Instructions
This page has the instruction, and prices, contact info! :-)
Moss and Lichens Dish Garden
Instructions for make the Dish Garden
Moss Rocks
Moss growing on rocks