Moss and Lichens Dish Gardens

First thing is deciding on what your going to use for your dish garden, you can use just about anything that you have handy around the house. You can use a shallow dish, a clear fish bowl type dish or a clear glass jar with a cover. Now if you use the open shallow dish it will require more frequent watering then a covered dish will, and with your covered dish you will have to water it once in a very great while, you can tell when the moisture does not build up in there any more that it is time to add some water, note if it looks to wet in there leave the cover off for a day to dry some, to much is not good either. Also the moss needs light, but not sun, a good place to keep these are in a north or east window, or any bright spot in the house. Ok lets get started making our mini moss garden, I use good garden soil or potting soil if you prefer, put an inch in the bottom of your contianer, if your useing a deep contianer you can add a little more if you like. Now this is where you own ideas come in as to how you would like it to look, you can have the soil level or sloped or add a stone, its up to you. Once you have the dirt the way you would like it, it is time to start to add the moss and lichens. Break off small clumps, and start in the center of your dish or container, and work your way out to the outside edges, try to add as many different varieity's as you can to give it an interesting affect. Now that you have it all filled in, take a spray bottle and wet it down really good, and then take your finger and press the moss and lichens down to settle them in place. And thats the way that its done!!! If your useing it in a terrium and are wanting to use a cover, I use clear plastic wrap for the top, but remember, if your doing it this way not to let it be to wet, after the first couple days open it up for a day then you can put the cover back and leave it on. If you ever need any help please email and I'll do my best to answer your question :-) Have fun with them!!!

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