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Welcome to my website on Moss and Lichens :-) What I'm trying to do here is give you some info and pictures of moss and lichens. The pictures are of the moss and lichens I have growing in my back yard. I hope to be adding new pic's with the names of the different mosses and lichens very soon. Thanks for visiting :-} These following pictures of the moss that I would recomend to use around stones in your walkways because of it's durability, thickness & density. Mosses grow throughout the United States. Most do best in open shade, where there is some sun in the morning and late afternoon, but a few kinds tolerate deep shade. All thrive in very moist, fertile soil. Moss is a very hardy plant, If the leaves dry out, plants are revived by soaking with water.




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This is some of the moss with my helper
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Moss and Lichens
I tryed to get some close-ups! :-)
Growing Instructions
This page has the instruction, and prices, contact info! :-)
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Instructions for make the Dish Garden
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Moss growing on rocks
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A Guide to Moss Gardening

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