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Skip Painting the Trim

The picture on the left is skip painting the trim on the house, with Misty watching.

Just Another Pic of the painting {10-13-98}

This is just another pic of the painting being done, and a look at the picture window we put in the dining room last fall.

My Snazzy List of Links

Back of the house: This is the new picture window
Back Yard: This is the newest work done
Gourds: These are the gourds we grew
Misty: The newest member of the family
Siding: This is the house with new siding
Misty II: Most current pictures of Misty
Finshed: The siding is all done!!!YAAAAAAA
Goats: These are our goats and other cridders:-)
Christmas Gourd Basket: Xmas gourd ready for present
Gourds in Waiting: Lined up to get ready for Xmas
Wolf Gourd Basket: This is on it way to Canada
Misty & Skipper: Pic's from 12-16-98